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"Create stunning visuals and seamless effects with beginner to advanced training in compositing. Take your VFX skills to a whole new level with Rotomaker Academy."

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Create stunning visuals and seamless effects with beginner to advanced training in compositing.

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Rotomaker Academy is situated in six different locations, each location having extremely professional faculty and provide 100% placement Assistance.

Our Ultimate Courses

The VFX courses at Rotomaker Academy, provides you with a clear progression route to a successful career. The following are the courses provided by Rotomaker Academy, the courses combine ideas from digital technologies with those of creative design.

VFX Rotoscopy

VFX rotoscopy is a vital process within the VFX field. Whether you need to remove elements from a live-action footage or add elements to it, rototscopy is the technique required to do it.
1 Year
25 People/Batch
3 Batches/Sem

VFX Paint

The technique of VFX Paint is required to remove unwanted artifacts, reconstruct a background or digitally correct a render or composite. It is used to create matters that accurately reflects the motion of a particular object over a series of frames.
1 Year
25 People/Batch
3 Batches/Sem

Visual Effects

At the visual effects courses provided by us, you can learn how the whole process of video production works. From concept and planning to delivery;
1 Year
25 People/Batch
3 Batches/Sem

What Our Students can do

The ultimate success stories are the works of our students. Our training and our claims are justified by the finishes works of our students. Here are few work samples of our efficient students.

Where Our Students Got Placed

All Rotomaker Academy courses have been designed with every student’s success in mind that is why the Rotomaker Academy Career Development Training paves the way for students to reach the local and international job markets. The academy also conducts various curriculum based activities that already shape you to become successful and industry ready. Upon the completion of the courses, based on thje performance of the student he/she will be assisted immediately with a job opportunity. Thanks to our placement team we can proudly assure a 100% Job assistance to our students.

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